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Roof Repair or Replacement: What’s the Best Choice for Your Roof?

Some home improvement tasks like house painting may be slightly easy. But roofing? Not so much. The mere fact that you have to climb up your roof puts you at risk, not to mention the different skills you need to acquire before you can accomplish even the simplest of repairs. For these reasons, many homeowners prefer to hire those who specialize in roof and siding repair in Poughkeepsie, NY, to do their roofing projects on their behalf.

One thing is for sure. Not all homeowners know whether their roofs need repair or replacement. If you’re one of those homeowners who are unsure of what to do with their damaged roofs, read on to see what the Roofing Contractor of Poughkeepsie has to say on the subject matter.

Repair or Reroof: Factors That Can Influence Your Decision

It’s understandable why many homeowners would instead hire an expert in roof and siding repair in Poughkeepsie, NY, instead of diagnosing their roof’s problem. A roof inspection from a professional roofer is a more cost-effective way to understand your roof’s current condition and whether you need a new roof.

Whether you need a roof repair or a replacement, some factors can influence your decisions when choosing what to do with your roof.


Everything under the sun will wither, and even the most durable roofs will get old. Sure, they’re designed to withstand the test of time and many other weather extremes, but there will come a time when you have to inevitably replace them – or repair them if it’s still plausible.

To know whether or not your roof is due for a replacement, check its lifespan or sell-by date. Each roofing material has its lifespan. Asphalt roofing shingles, for example, typically last only for around 20 years. Metal roofs are far more durable and can perform for around 40 to 70 years, sometimes even longer!

A roof nearing its lifespan will show signs of aging. They will begin to disintegrate and wither as if they’ve been bombarded with wear and tear. When it comes to old roofs, roof and siding repair experts in Poughkeepsie, NY, generally recommend an entire roof replacement to save you from recurring repairs. After all, what’s the point of repairing an old roof that’s reaching the end of its usefulness?


Aside from age, one of the best ways to determine whether your home needs a roof replacement is to check its current condition. It could have lost its aesthetic appeal, or it could have sustained some physical damage. Sometimes, the extent of your roof’s damage can be so severe that it will require an entire replacement. Some examples of such scenarios include a tree falling on your roof and irreparable holes.

If your roof is still in good condition but suffered from mild or localized damages, or only around 30% has been ravaged. Remember that sometimes, your roof will have underlying problems that won’t be obvious to the naked eye. In this case, it’s much better to hire a reputable roofing company like the Roofing Contractor of Poughkeepsie to inspect your roof thoroughly.

Area Affected

Quality Roofing Services from the Best Roof and Siding Repair Experts in Poughkeepsie, NY​

As mentioned earlier, repairing your roof from damages can be possible if 30% of its area is the only one that suffered from damages. Localized damages that might’ve affected specific areas on your roof can still be subject to repair, like the small leaking hole in your dining room. There’s no need to invest in a roof replacement if it’s small-scale damage. However, experts recommend roof replacement if the damaged area covers more than 30% of your roof.

Length of Stay

How long are you planning to stay in your home? Are you planning to sell it shortly? If you’re planning to sell your property, we suggest you upgrade your roofing system. Remember that timing is everything regarding roof upgrades for real estate sales purposes. You can count such cases as an emergency, so replacing your roof is advisable and necessary.

Upgrading your roof is easily one of the best ways to increase your property’s value. Re-roofing may come at a premium, but according to HomeAdvisor, you can boost your property’s value by around 109% from the original investment

If you’re planning to move out to a new city, re-roofing might not be the best option. Time constraints are crucial when it comes to roof replacement. And even if roof and siding repair experts in Poughkeepsie, NY, can re-roof your home in 3 to 5 days, it would still take around 20 to 30 days to accomplish the necessary paperwork, such as permits, claims, and any other approvals. In such cases, a roof repair would be better than a replacement.

Availability of Insurance Claim

There’s no denying that roofing is a massive investment, and it’s typically influenced by factors such as roof size, degree of damage, and your current location. For this reason, many homeowners rely on their insurance to pay for their roofing issues.

Filing for insurance claims is ideal for compensating for losses due to unforeseen events or “acts of God.” But it’s not a good idea to use these claims for other reasons since insurance companies only recognize claims for roof repair and replacements that aren’t caused by age or neglect.

Consult a professional experienced with insurance claims if you want to know whether you’re eligible for a roof repair or replacement claim.

Quality Roofing Services from the Best Roof and Siding Repair Experts in Poughkeepsie, NY

Here at Roofing Contractor of Poughkeepsie, we understand the importance of having a fully-functional roof. That’s why our roofers are ready to serve homeowners like you who need roofing assistance. We can repair, maintain, replace, and inspect roofs as no other roofing company can. If you’re interested in our services, contact us today, and we’ll give you a free quote for your roofing project.